Tips to Make Makeup Last the Whole Day
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Tips to Make Makeup Last the Whole Day

It’s important for me that I have confidence that my makeup will last all day. This is something I have successfully mastered, firstly by the way I apply my makeup and secondly by selecting the correct products for my skin. One of my most frequently asked question is how my makeup stays on and still looks good at the end of the day. When it comes to my makeup routine I personally am not one to touch up throughout the day I like the convenience of not needing to have a collection of makeup on me the whole day, I can feel confident that when I apply my makeup in the morning it will stay intact all day.  

Here are a few of my personal tips on how to ensure your makeup will last all day:

The most important step is to prep your skin. You should always apply makeup to a clean moisturized face, whether you have combination, dry or a oily skin type I recommend moisturizing twice daily – this will boost hydration, prevent dullness and flakiness and it also creates a protective layer of moisture. To keep your skin hydrated and smooth I suggest using a face mask once or twice a week to remove any dead skin cells. My skin always feels so hydrated and clean after a face mask and I notice a huge difference in the overall texture of my skin the next time I apply makeup.

Secondly you should use a primer. Applying primer is not only going to make your makeup last longer but your foundation will sit a lot nicer on the skin. You can choose a primer to suit your skin and makeup style, depending if you want a matte, dewy, smooth, or illuminated look. A good tip I find when choosing the right primer is to test a primer on the back of one hand then apply a thin layer of foundation over top of it. Then on the other hand just apply foundation – you will notice a difference in the overall texture and finish.

Once you have moisturized and primed your skin you can apply your foundation. Start off with applying a thin layer to your face then build up the coverage to your desired look, depending if you want a more natural look or full coverage. Building up the coverage will give you an even toned look without it looking too heavy. To set the foundation it is essential to use a powder to lock it in. If you like a more matte finish I recommend a pressed powder or if you like a more glowy dewy finish I recommend a loose powder. Using a powder after applying your foundation sets it to your skin and ensures your foundation will not move throughout the day

The last step in your beauty regime is applying a setting spray to your face. To do this hold the spray at arm’s length and spray a few squirts directly on to your face to set and refresh your makeup. This creates a protective layer over your skin for even longer lasting makeup.

Below is a picture of two bridesmaids that I did the makeup for – This photo was taken 12hours after I had applied the makeup. They still looked fresh, flawless and their makeup hadn’t moved.


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